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We help your advisor deliver the objective advice you need to pursue your dreams for the future.

A Message from Cetera's CEO

Our Role Is Simple: To Support Your Advisor’s Focus on You

We believe your advisor’s most important focus is on you, your financial goals and your aspirations. We also understand you chose your advisor for a reason—a trust and personal connection that is the foundation of your relationship. Our role is to deliver the tools, technology and market insight to make it as easy as possible for your advisor to build on that trust and deliver the objective advice you need. We’re the team that stands behind your relationship with your advisor—never between it.

Robert "RJ" Moore

Chief Executive Officer, Cetera Financial Group

How we support your advisor

Financial Solutions

Our diverse offerings help your advisor deliver objective advice catered to your specific needs and interests.

Network of Support & Services

Our services allow your advisor to operate more efficiently and focus on delivering the advice to help you pursue your financial goals.

Investment Protection

Our regulatory supervision, guidance and training focus on protecting your investments.

Tools & Technology

Our tools are designed to help your advisor build your wealth and plan your legacy.

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