Founded to Be of Service to You

Cetera Financial Group’s founding principle is to be of service to others: to you and the clients you serve. It’s a commitment we carry forth in everything we do, and is the inspiration for our name. It’s the difference that makes all the difference.

A Message from Cetera's CEO

Educate, Optimize, Monetize: See What Sets Our Support for You Apart

CEO Larry Roth explains how we combine big-company resources with a small-company culture to help you thrive, connect, and learn no matter what business model you choose.

Larry Roth

Chief Executive Officer

To learn about the business solutions below, please contact one of our broker-dealers.


Personalize marketing communications seamlessly across all available digital channels.


Grow your practice by focusing on the five measures of business success.

Wealth Management Education

Develop your skills through multi-day classes, workshops, and summits.

Guided Retirement Solutions

Access the tools needed to optimize and grow your retirement plan business.


No single broker-dealer can be everything to all advisors. That’s why we offer a network of independently managed firms. You benefit from the strength of their collective size—without compromising the freedom of individual choice.

Meet our management team

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Larry Roth
Chief Executive Officer
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Adam Antoniades
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David Ballard
Chief Operating Officer
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Brett Harrison
Executive Vice President, Advisor Growth; Chief Executive Officer, Cetera Advisors
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Nina McKenna
General Counsel
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Muk Mehta
Chief Information Officer
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Jason Mullens
Chief Human Resources Officer
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Joseph Neary
Chief Risk Officer
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Sheila Woelfel
Senior Vice President, Strategic Relationships

Meet our Presidents

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Catherine Bonneau
President and Chief Executive Officer, Cetera Financial Institutions
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Erinn Ford
President, Cetera Advisors
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Kevin Keefe
President and Chief Executive Officer, First Allied Securities
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Douglas S. King
President and Chief Executive Officer, Cetera Advisor Networks
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Marshall Leeds
President and Chief Executive Officer, Summit Brokerage Services
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Jon Stanfield
President, VSR Financial Services
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Tim Murphy
President and Chief Executive Officer, Investors Capital Corporation
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Gregg Ruvoli
President, Cetera Financial Specialists
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Susan Woltman Tietjen
Chief Executive Officer, Girard Securities
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Enrique M. Vasquez
Chief Executive Officer, Cetera Financial Specialists