Why Tax Professionals
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Experienced Teams Who Understand Your Business

For Financial Advisor - Tax Professionals

Our focus on helping tax and accounting professionals build their wealth management practice means you’ll be supported by licensed teams, seasoned consultants, and dedicated leadership who know how to make the most of your competitive advantage. You’ll also benefit from the one-on-one support of:

  • Your Regional Planning Specialist, based in your local market, who works closely with you to drive sales and overall practice growth, and delivers guidance on product types, relationship development, and service strategies

  • Your Internal Planning Specialist, who connects you with our internal home office resources and provides a wealth of support on product strategies

The Strength to CLIMB Higher

For Financial Advisor - Tax Professionals

This exclusive five-step support model sets you up to tackle challenges and maximize opportunity:

  • Consult: We help you set up efficient, repeatable processes that save time.
  • Lead: We’ll bring the ideas that help you overcome obstacles and further your tax practice.
  • Innovate: We’ll assist in creating strategic marketing plans based on your goals, target niche, and value proposition.
  • Mentor: We offer consultations at your office and over the phone that are tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Build: We’ll provide custom analytics to help you assess your current business and evaluate acquisitions of other tax and accounting practices.

Extensive Assistance to Get Started

For Financial Advisor - Tax Professionals

Get more out of your tax practice by adding wealth management services to your list of specialties. Through Cetera’s PRO Package,* we’ll cover the cost to get you fully licensed and pay all initial affiliation fees—and continue our commitment to your success through ongoing education and business consulting to foster effective, efficient growth.

Not only will you create the optimal business model for helping clients gain greater financial well-being, you’ll also:

  • Deepen client relationships

  • Boost retention and referral rates

  • Generate a more consistent, year-round revenue stream

  • Increase the value of your practice—on average, an additional $1.7 million in incremental revenue over five years

  • Expand opportunities without altering the culture of your current practice

* Financial professionals must meet certain criteria to receive PRO Package benefits.

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Account Assistance

If you are a client of a Cetera-affiliated financial professional and need assistance with an existing account, please reach out to your financial professional directly. If you’re unable to reach them, use our direct support lines listed below.

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