The support you need to expand your potential, the freedom you want to shape your future.


We focus on helping you build a personalized, profitable, and independent business.



We simplify growth so you can expand your potential.

Cetera Wealth Partners enables financial advisors the freedom to advance their business, their way.

Our firm was built by creating meaningful lasting relationships, which is why we value each advisor’s uniquely independent voice and treat our community like family. With access to a wealth of resources, you’ll be positioned for growth and equipped to usher your business forward. Our specially designed integrated technologies and innovative tools help you achieve more, stay connected, and manage your business seamlessly. At Cetera Wealth Partners, we excel when you succeed.


When you partner with us, you gain a loyal partner and expansive network of support. By building longstanding relationships with our advisors, we show priority to your feedback—which results in a custom experience designed for our community member needs.


Our goal is to help you grow a highly profitable, personalized, and independent business. With our streamlined technology, marketing solutions, and professional development resources, navigating your business from any location has never been easier.


Expand your client offerings with advanced estate planning, investment management, and retirement planning teams at your disposal. With the help of our mobile platforms, seamlessly stay up to date with your clients' progress, offer secure access to their accounts, and collaborate on the go.

Our tools were designed by financial professionals, for financial professionals.

At each step of your journey, Cetera Wealth Partners is here to help you save time, simplify your business, and advance towards your goals.


Cetera Wealth Partners has the infrastructure, technology, research and leadership to help their advisors focus on what matters most – the client.

Jacob H. Gold, CFP®

Adjunct Professor of Finance at Arizona State University

Jacob Gold & Associates, Inc.

Scottsdale, Arizona


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