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A Message from Adam Antoniades

CEO, Cetera Financial Group

In a couple of weeks we will not only turn the calendar on a new year, but we also enter into a new decade. Add to the fact that it is the holiday season and time to connect with friends and family, it’s natural to also take time for self-reflection, which I’ve been doing a lot recently given the new journey I’m embarking upon as the CEO of Cetera. As I reflect on my career, I can think of no greater privilege than to represent Cetera employees and our advisor network. I was born in Cyprus but spent my impressionable years growing up in England and joined the profession right out of school—I have been enamored with it ever since.

My colleagues, family and friends will tell you that I’m all about challenging the status quo, always moving forward, growing, evolving and progressing, and always having a keen eye on what’s to come(admittedly to a fault sometimes). While the business plans and budgets are being fine-tuned, I want to share some of my thoughts regarding what inspires me at Cetera.

People Over Numbers

After serving as president of Cetera for five years, following more than 20 years as co-founder and CEO of one of its subsidiaries, First Allied, I can unequivocally state that it matters who stands by your side in business. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the entrepreneurial, resiliency and high-growth mindset of the employees and financial professionals surrounding me.

Inspiration, friendships, a healthy debate, wisdom and lessons learned all require people; growth cannot happen without the right team and people by your side. I am incredibly grateful for the people who have shaped me and I am dedicated to helping shape this profession for generations to come.

Opportunity in Change

As an industry, and as individuals, those who not only survive but also thrive through change are those who embrace it, in fact seek or even create it. With change comes opportunity. The financial services industry has experienced drastic change and disruption in recent years, and the advice profession has hardly been immune. The fast pace of technological innovation, regulatory pressure and shifting demographics has contributed to an increasingly competitive environment and rapidly evolving expectations from individual investors.

At Cetera we have embraced those advances and harnessed them to deepen relationships and improve the client experience. We are espousing emotion recognition and behavioral economics, accessibility and transparency, and personalization that makes each interaction—whether digital or face-to-face—unique.

Our profession has an opportunity to demonstrate our value and our distinct purpose in helping people reach their financial goals. By capitalizing on change, we can elevate the service we provide and crystallize its value, not displace it.

Advice Matters

Your personal financial situation is significant. It influences the house you live in, the car you drive, your children’s education. And more — finances impact your closest relationships, your mental health and even your work performance.

As professionals, we have the opportunity to help millions of Americans get access to high-caliber, planning-based financial advice known at Cetera as the Advice-Centric Experience®. To make that vision a reality, that experience must be supported by tools, technology and expert resources.

Whether you’re a financial advisor or institution serving the end investor or an employee or partner serving an advisor, our programs and tools are designed with one outcome in mind — helping the clients in our network achieve that peace of mind that comes with financial security and stability.

Individuals shouldn’t have to go it alone. Research shows investor behavior is the single biggest detractor of investment performance. The right guidance helps people stay on track and protects them from their own mistakes. This is guidance that is managed with transparency, measured by outcomes and delivered in a personalized way.

Invested In More

At Cetera, our leadership and talented staff have been executing a strategy that puts our advisors and their clients at the center. Our work goes beyond the sale of financial products; we help advisors transcend the transaction to create lasting, valuable relationships. Our organization exists to ensure they have everything they need to serve clients effectively throughout every stage of life, so they and their clients can do more — whatever “more” means to them.

More business. More time with clients. More little-league games cheered on. More goals realized. More movie nights with family. More postcards from clients on their bucket-list vacations saying, “Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

We are invested in more, and I’m thrilled to further that strategy as CEO. 

About Cetera Financial Group®

Cetera Financial Group (Cetera) is a leading financial advice firm. It empowers the delivery of an Advice-Centric Experience® to individuals, families and businesses across the country through independent financial advisors as well as trusted tax professionals and banks and credit unions. It’s headquartered at 200 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 1200 El Segundo, CA 90245-5670.

Comprehensive services include: wealth management solutions, retirement plan solutions, advisory services, practice management support, innovative technology, marketing guidance, regulatory support, and market research.

"Cetera Financial Group" refers to the network of independent retail firms encompassing, among others, Cetera Advisors LLC, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Cetera Investment Services LLC (marketed as Cetera Financial Institutions or Cetera Investors), Cetera Financial Specialists LLC, and First Allied Securities, Inc. All firms are members FINRA / SIPC.

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