Generating Growth—Together04/07/2021


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Whatever uncertainty the markets, the economy, or everyday life bring our way, your clients will look to you for answers on how to manage them.

In fact, in addition to providing an essential resource to the well-being of your clients, you're a great value to the rest of your growth network: your prospects, centers of influence, referrals, and family and friends. By maintaining open lines of communication with all of them, you can provide reassurance that whatever happens on the road ahead, they can turn to you for help along the way.

To remind them of all the ways you can make it easier for them to pursue a stronger financial future, it helps to maintain consistent contact with your growth network throughout the year. To help you get started, we've put together the following toolkit for you to review and adapt to your specific needs. From email templates to phone scripts, social media posts, virtual events, and out-of-the-box value-add ideas, these resources are sure to generate engagement—and help foster business-building loyalty.

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