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Financial events in the workplace have long been relegated to retirement plan advisors, but why? With the majority of American workers undereducated about their finances and investments—56% of all workers don't know how much they'll need to save for retirement1— there’s a clear need to get more information out. By running a workplace financial wellness event, you can help improve the financial well-being of employees, strengthen your current relationships, and build new, potentially long-term relationships.

In Connect, Teach, Grow: The Hidden Business Potential of Financial Education, we lay out the current opportunity and how you can take advantage, including:

  • Approaching business owners
  • Structuring a workplace financial wellness event
  • Choosing topics and delivering a great presentation
  • Strengthening your approach with data and insights

With actionable advice, you could be among the first financial professionals to realize this burgeoning opportunity among American businesses.

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