Change You Can Manage 04/07/2021


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Change is constant—and inevitable. Whether you’re effecting it yourself (like choosing to move to a new home) or it’s happening to you (like a global pandemic upending our lives), change can be daunting.

People resist change for all kinds of reasons and as silly as it may seem, even tiny changes, like new processes in a financial transaction, can be met with deep resistance if they’re not managed properly. If you’re experiencing overwhelm or resistance when it comes to implementing changes in your business, it may be worth your time to learn key change management principles and techniques. By understanding what might be holding people back, you can help them move forward. As an added benefit, change management can be applied to many aspects of your investment management process. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can use this knowledge to guide people out of stasis and into decisions that better serve their financial goals.

In Change You Can Manage, we review what change management is, along with a three-step process for encouraging and reinforcing desired behaviors. Complete the form below to access this piece.

Are you thinking about making a change? Contact the Cetera Business Development team at 800.336.8842 to discuss your goals for the future and how we can help you effectively manage change to get there.

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