3 Keys to Creating an Experience-Centric Business Model01/02/2020


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Business leaders who focus on client experience have 100x higher revenue.¹ If you’re a successful financial professional, you’re probably devoted to exceptional service, which is why you might be wondering whether you really need to worry about client experience. Aren’t you already doing it? Yes and no. Client experience is bigger than service. It’s an intentional discipline that requires attention to a client’s every interaction with your organization.

In this white paper, we lay out the three keys for creating an experience-centric business:

  • Understand your clients through data acquisition and management.

  • Invest in success, including time and monetary resources.

  • Create experiences, both in person and digitally.

With a clearer understanding of the differences between service and client experience, you can shift your focus toward sophisticated, revenue-boosting experiences.

¹ Hotjar Team. (2019, Oct. 11). CX trends for 2019. Malta: Hotjar. Retrieved from https://www.hotjar.com/customer-experience/trends-and-stats

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