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How to Find the Right Financial Professional

Review these actionable tips from leading financial professionals on how to identify the right individual you can work with pursue your financial goals.


Why Choose Cetera?

Don't just take our word for it: Cetera advisor Michael Oana shares why Cetera is the firm of choice to help financial professionals pursue greater success.


Connect National Conference

Cetera's Connect national conference might be one of the largest and most prominent in the financial profession, but it's also educational, enlightening, and fun. Top talent joins together to advance what it means to deliver our unique Advice-Centric Experience® and rally around a dynamic vision for the exciting future of financial services.


Powerful Insight from Cetera’s Leadership Team

In this interview with leaders Mimi Bock and LeAnn Rummel from the InvestmentNews Women's Adviser Summit, they discuss what growth means for Cetera financial professionals and how to shape career development for generations to come.


Advice-Centric Tools for Clients

Being a next-generation financial advice firm requires digital solutions that empower financial professionals to better serve clients. Hear Cetera advisor and wealth manager Majdah AlQuhtan share her perspective on how Decipher helps her uncover what’s truly going on with a client.


Drop Us a Line

Looking to be part of something more? Get in touch to learn about the benefits of affiliating with Cetera and start taking the next steps to a stronger future.