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Every day across America, people turn to Cetera financial professionals to help them with their financial goals, manage their assets, provide retirement strategies to their employees—in general, to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.
We support those professionals, ensuring they have the objective information, regulatory oversight, and tools and resources they need to deliver financial guidance that helps their clients pursue their dreams for the future.

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Charlotte Bell
Human Resources
Adam Bolander


Lakisha Picott
Charlotte Bell
Human Resources

Team Cetera since: 2015

Favorite Thing About Working at Cetera: I like that every day presents a new challenge or change. I also love working with my team.

Motivation in Serving Financial Professionals: Trying to help people remove stressors from their lives.

What “More” Means to Her: I believe that we just have one opportunity to enjoy our lives and enrich those around us. More to me means fostering relationships, exploring new things, and trying to leave the earth in better shape than we found it so it can continue to inspire.

Greatest Inspiration: My mom.

Desired Super Power: I would definitely go aqua-themed. Maybe the ability to hold my breath and grow some flippers—casually…

Favorite Place in the World: The beach (preferably eating tacos).

Three Fantasy Dinner Party Guests: Lewis and Clark (whichever is the better conversationalist), Macklemore, and my best friend Taylor.

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Adam Bolander


Team Cetera Since: 2013

Favorite Thing About Working at Cetera: Easily the greatest thing about working at Cetera is the people you get to work with on a daily basis, whether it’s the financial professionals, their assistants, or anyone in their back-office locations. All of my coworkers are supremely helpful, even if I’m asking them about something that may not be their item to handle. It also doesn’t hurt to have a generous PTO offering!

Motivation in Serving Financial Professionals: I actually began my career in the financial industry as a financial professional, so I know how hard it is for them and their teams to do what they do on a day-to-day basis. My goal is to make everything as easy on them as I possibly can to assist in helping them service their clients. The less they have to think about the back office, the better!

What “More” Means to Him: I’m the same as many other people—my family and health are the most important things to me. Cetera does a great job of being flexible with a great PTO package to help balance the work/life ideal. Management is great about urging you not to leave time behind to promote that. Those factors combine to being able to spend time with family or take some time for yourself as needed.

Greatest Inspiration: My wife. Since the time we’ve started dating, she’s pushed me to be the best person I can be in every way possible.

Desired Super Power: The power to manipulate time would be the most useful!

Favorite Place in the World: My favorite place to visit thus far has been Zion National Park in southern Utah. Quite possibly one of the prettiest places on the planet.

Three Fantasy Dinner Party Guests: Jackie Robinson, Warren Buffett, and George Washington.

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Lakisha Picott

Team Cetera Since: 2007

Favorite Thing About Working at Cetera: I love the culture here. The people I have worked with over the past 12 years have helped shape my career to where I am today and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

Motivation in Serving Financial Professionals: Building rapport with offices—understanding how their office functions and serving their operational needs allows you to feel like part of their office.

What “More” Means to Her: More to me means being able to tell a financial professional that their item can be processed or at least understanding why it cannot. It’s a financial professional calling me to say, “Thank you for going the extra mile” or even to give accolades for one of my team members. Knowing that I have another satisfied customer means more to me.

Greatest Inspiration: Michelle Obama

Desired Super Power: Run at super high speed

Favorite Place in the World: London

Three Fantasy Dinner Party Guests: My mom, and Barack and Michelle Obama

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