Advisory Services

Cetera Financial Group’s affiliate registered investment advisory firm, Cetera Investment Advisers LLC (Cetera Investment Advisers), offers a variety of fee-based programs that give you—an investment adviser representative—the flexibility to tailor your advisory services for an individual client’s needs.

Whether you are an experienced investment adviser representative or a registered representative who is completing registration to offer adisory services to your clients, we have the products, tools and educational resources to help you develop deeper client relationships through your advisory services. As an added benefit, your business will enjoy a steadier revenue stream and greater opportunities for cross-selling.

Turnkey Advisory Programs

The Cetera family of broker-dealers offers the following, turnkey advisory programs to support your fee-based business.

Mutual Funds/Exchange Traded Funds (MF/ETF) Advisory Program
The MF/ETF Advisory program is a turnkey advisory offering that was named the 2012 Advisory Solution of the Year by the Money Management Institute, an award reserved for the most innovative product contributing to industry growth.

The MF/ETF Advisory program provides retail clients with full-time money management from institutional portfolio strategists. You have the flexibility to use a single mutual fund or ETF strategist, or use a core/satellite approach with multiple strategists in one client account. Clients pay one all-inclusive fee, with no small account and trading fees.

Portfolio Advisory Services
Portfolio Advisory Services is a turnkey advisory program designed for tax professionals who want to maximize their time with clients. This program, sponsored and managed by Cetera Investment Advisers, lets you partner with a leading investment firm to manage client accounts, so you can spend more time focusing on your tax practice and individual client relationships.

Portfolio Advisory Services features a highly diversified, passive investment approach rooted in Nobel Prize-winning financial concepts, which are supported by decades of market research and asset-class data. Portfolio Advisory Services uses low-cost, institutional asset-class mutual funds to build broadly diversified portfolios that incorporate fixed income to help manage risk. Cetera Investment Advisers provides the asset allocation, mutual fund due diligence and selection, trading, rebalancing and administration. Assets are custodied with Charles Schwab & Co.

SmartSelect is a turnkey mutual fund wrap program designed for investment adviser representatives who want to maximize their time with clients. SmartSelect combines advanced technology and comprehensive wealth management solutions provided by Envestnet—a leading provider of unified wealth management solutions with over 825,000 accounts and more than $106 billion in assets under management and administration and licensing agreements—to provide you with the resources to build, implement and monitor investment plans tailored to your clients’ needs. Powerful analytic tools and dynamic reporting utilities are unified on a Web-based platform. Asset allocation, mutual fund due diligence and selection, trading, rebalancing and administration are provided within the SmartSelect program.

Advisor-Directed Programs

For more sophisticated clients, investment adviser representatives affiliated with Cetera have access to the following advisor-directed programs.

Preferred Asset Management® and Prime Portfolio Services
Preferred Asset Management (Preferred) and Prime Portfolio Services (Prime) are advisor-directed, flexible wrap programs. Both Preferred and Prime feature competitive pricing structures and an open architecture that lets you—the investment adviser representative—determine the asset allocation, mutual funds and securities to include in your client’s Preferred and Prime accounts. Choose from over 40,000 securities, including mutual funds, ETFs, variable annuities, CDs and bonds. Alternative investment products, such as managed futures limited partnership funds, non-traded REITs, and structured products are also available. With Preferred and Prime, you have the flexibility to customize portfolios to meet a client’s unique financial needs.

Managed Wealth ADVANTAGE
Managed Wealth ADVANTAGE is an advisory program available to investment adviser representatives who are affiliated with Cetera Financial Specialists. With Managed Wealth ADVANTAGE, investment adviser representatives can develop a customized portfolio strategy that is aligned with a client’s interests and risk tolerances to achieve a long-term financial goal.

This program features a selection of over 150 no load and load waived mutual funds and exchange traded funds, which were carefully vetted by Lockwood Advisors. Clients receive a recommended portfolio model, based on their risk tolerance, which includes recommended funds for each asset class. However, Managed Wealth ADVANTAGE gives you—the investment adviser representative—the flexibility to determine the final asset allocation, as well as the securities that are included in a client’s account. You can fine tune portfolio allocations and decide the style of investments within each asset class, all for one client fee with no additional trading costs*. Assets are custodied with Charles Schwab & Co.

*Clients may pay additional mutual fund expenses, including management, trading and marketing fees. Mutual fund expenses, 12(b)-1 service fees, and any deferred sales charges are fully disclosed in the mutual fund prospectus.

Separately Managed Accounts

The Cetera family of broker-dealers features several separately managed account programs.

Next Generation Managed Accounts (xMASM) Program
The xMA program is Cetera’s separately managed accounts solution. Designed to help individuals as well as corporations, the xMA program features all the benefits of a traditional, separately managed account program plus:

  • Multiple managers in one custodial account—investment adviser representatives (IARs) can use up to 70 institutional portfolio managers in a single account.
  • Flexible construction—IARs can immediately adjust allocations to specific managers to help accommodate changes in the market or a client’s evolving needs.
  • More investment styles—choose from more than 70 leading institutional portfolio managers, encompassing more than 100 investment styles. Through the xMA program, IARs get access to money managers who would normally require multi-million dollar account minimums.

The xMA program is also highlighted by a single, asset-based fee that covers all asset allocation, mutual fund due diligence and selection, trading, rebalancing, and administration.

Strategic Advisor
Strategic Advisor is a separately managed account program that offers personalized investment management to help clients with substantial assets get more out of their wealth. Clients enjoy access to a broad universe of professional money managers, many available only to large institutions, across the spectrum of major asset classes. Each manager has been thoroughly screened by a team of experienced analysts.

Financial Planning and Consulting Services

Cetera Financial Group also provides financial planning and consulting resources that can help you provide value-add services to your clients.

  • Everything Counts: A 360 View of Your Financial Assets—this program lets investment adviser representatives get compensated for providing advice to individual participants of ERISA accounts that are held away from a Cetera broker-dealer, for example an employer-sponsored 401(k).
  • Consulting Agreement—lets investment adviser representatives offer consulting services without delivering a written financial plan, including recommendations for specific securities.

Personalized Sales and Marketing Support

Cetera offers personalized, one-on-one guidance that can help you transition from a commission-based business to fee-based business and grow your assets under management.

On-Site Assistance
Cetera's regional sales managers specialize in on-site assistance. If you have a problem and need hands-on support, they can set up a visit to your office. Regional sales managers specialize in:

  • Practice management and client service.
  • Determining which program is best suited to your business model.
  • Client seminars and marketing ideas.
  • Transitioning from commissions to fees.
  • Knowledge of the competitive marketplace.

Phone Support
Advisory sales support is just a phone call away. Cetera has a dedicated team of internal sales coordinators who will assist you with:

  • Transitioning from commission-based to fee-based business.
  • Sales coaching.
  • Practice management and marketing strategies.
  • Account opening and maintenance.
  • Billing and reporting.
  • Using Cetera technology, for example SmartWorks Adviser®.

Marketing Materials
Cetera has a wealth of marketing materials that can help you grow your fee-based business, including:

  • Rich, sophisticated-looking client sales kits for each advisory program offered by the Cetera family of broker-dealers. These sales kits are available to you free of charge—all you pay is shipping and handling.
  • Letter templates for clients and prospects.
  • Client brochures.
  • Sample Quarterly Performance Reports.
  • Brochures, presentations, and flyers for recruiting new advisors to your practice.

Training and Education
Whether you’re new to advisory services or a veteran producer, Cetera offers endless educational opportunities, including:

  • Educational meetings and conferences.
  • Monthly online training sessions on how to utilize advisory technology, such as the fee-based advisory platform.
  • Online tutorials, on topics such as adjusting your advisory fees to reflect your value proposition.
  • Click ‘n Play online video tutorials, on subjects ranging from using advisory technology to developing year-end tax planning strategies.
  • Quarterly advisor conference calls.
  • Quarterly money manager and portfolio strategist conference calls.

For more details, please visit the Wealth Management Training and Education page.

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